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The Rapier Group

Tanks at Rapier Energy

The group of companies operate with departmental responsibilities all supporting the main focus of providing both our suppliers and customers exceptional service and product standard.  Our emphasis is focused on the provision of High Quality segregated recycled oils which have a range of use from Industrial Fuel Oil supplied within the latest legislative burning constraints, use as Recycled Fuel Oil within the Waste Incineration Directive, use as Re-Refinery Feedstock and Industrial Fuel for aggregate, cement or steel manufacturing.  The Rapier Group has the analytical capability, process and storage capacity to ensure each product is produced to the highest standards.

Rapier Energy Tanks Again
We employ along standing and highly experienced local workforce using best practice at all times.  We have the flexibility and knowledge base specializing in hazardous material competency, project design and management offering bespoke solutions to all customers.  Our facilities range from a lower tier Comah site status to High Temperature Vacuum Distillation and Mechanical Separation and Treatment capability.  We work closely with authorities and agencies such as EA, SEPA, HSE, and FRS to ensure we are placed one step ahead in all aspects of our product and service offering.

Cumbrian Storage LTD, Workington

32000 M³ capacity storage and distribution terminal with waste licensed facilities granted by the Environment Agency to receive and handle special waste and oils. 

Acquired in 2008 to expand the groups industrial service offering capacity for group operations and as a strategic move towards the European market for recycled fuels and re-refinery feedstock. The terminal is capable of providing various bulk liquids, temporary stock holding, contingents supply, bulk product segregation and export consolidation. 

Direct access to dedicated sea birth capable of up to 8000 tonne cargoes, rail and road loading in and out.


Jarron Energy, Merseyside

Trader in oils and bulk liquid commodities handling recycled oils since the 80s and specialists in By-products a Redundant products that can be reconditioned for re-use at value in the fuel, chemical and bio-fuel industries and markets.

Providing supply and sales support to the group and assisting in the provision of rail logistics instigated by European trade established over recent years for the sale of recycled bio and mineral feedstock materials.

Jarron also operated a fleet of industrial services and product delivery vehicles providing a broad spectrum of services to the Southern UK customer base.

Northburn Industrial Services Ltd, Coatbridge

2500m³ capacity recycled oil processing facility. Operated since the 70's as an industrial services business providing collection of all types of waste oil from automotive, industrial and marine customers.

Recently awarded by SEPA the sites PPC permit and virtually completed a £1.7m upgrade of the entire site including the oil refining facility installation (Vacuum Distillation) capable of producing 20m liters of Diesel Distillate per annum.

Aberdeen Transfer Facilities located just north of Aberdeen. 1000m³ capacity operating as a support facility to customers generating oil from local industry and the North Sea.

The Rapier Group

Cumbrian Storage is part of the Rapier Group of companies. The group consists of four companies based at strategic sites through out the UK:

Rapier Energy LTD
10000 M³ capacity recycled oil processing facility based in Teesside, England.

Northburn Industrial Services LTD
2500 M³ capacity recycled oil processing and re-refining facilities with sites in Coatbridge and Aberdeen, Scotland.

Cumbrian Storage LTD
32000M³ capacity storage and distribution terminal with waste licensed facilities granted by the Environment Agency to receive and handle special waste and oils. Based in Cumbria, England

Jarron Energy
Trader in oils and bulk liquid commodities handling recycled oils and specialist in By-products. Based in Merseyside, England

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